The Bicycle & Trails Advisory Group (BTAG)

The Bicycle and Trails Advisory Group (BTAG) was founded January 1998 at the direction of the County Executive's Office. BTAG facilitates discussion between local implementing agencies and trail advocates, residents, and others interested in bicycle and pedestrian access. BTAG is chaired and organized by the Transportation Planning Section of the Prince George's County Planning Department. BTAG meets quarterly, with more frequent subcommittee meetings on specific topics, scheduled as needed.
The Bicycle & Trails Advisory Group (BTAG) Logo


Responsibilities of BTAG include:
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss general issues impacting bicycle, pedestrian and trail access in Prince George's County.
  • Review and comment on area master plans and sector plans.
  • Recommend trail priorities to the County Executive and County Council for inclusion in the semi-annual Joint Signature Letter on State Transportation Priorities.
  • Advise local agencies on issues pertaining to trails, bike access, and pedestrian safety.
  • Subcommittee meetings on specific topics, such as trail development, the Potomac Heritage Trail On-Road Bicycle Route, or bikeway signage.
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