12th Annual American Indian Festival

The 2020 American Indian Festival Goes VIRTUAL! 

The Festival takes place on November 6, 2020 at 1 pm.

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Discover the rich and diverse culture of Native American Indians at this year's festival. Join us for engaging presentations featuring guest historians, musicians, artists, and storytellers. 

Accessing the Festival Virtually
The event will be held virtually on Facebook. 
Stay tuned to the PGParks Nature Facebook page where posts will be published that contain the video segments of our featured cultural and historical guests. Some will take you on a journey through enchanted forests, some will take you on journeys through time. 
We encourage you to share the posts with friends so we can all take part in this meaningful and important celebration.

 ** Some posts will expire after 48hrs. Be sure to select "Going" on the Facebook event so you will get reminders about the event **
Four Traditional American Indian dancers at the 2010 American Indian Festival
American Indian couple wearing traditional outfits while holding a bird wing.
American Indian man wearing traditional clothing with his hand raised.